이 희 조

Lee Heejoh


이 희 조

Lee Heejoh




이희조  Lee Heejoh

Lee Heejoh completed a master's degree in painting at UAL in the UK in 2019. She represents the little moments we experience on a daily basis by mixing planes and solid figures on the screen. Her art world is represented by the relationship between people, objects, and space. The unique way of working like a point drawing by dotting the unit of the moment also shows the accumulation of time that passes in the work. Lee Heejoh says that the times and things that make you happy are something that you enjoy at the closest and most comfortable times in your daily life. The EVERYDAY AUDEN series, which is made of clay, is sometimes called cookies. Lee Heejoh likened the process of growing up as an adult to the process of baking cookies in dough. Each cookie has its own name and is a friendly face that reminds you of someone. Lee first announced the human figure painting at the first anniversary of the opening of the Suhin Gallery, and will soon reveal the work at 2023 Asia Now in Paris.


Born in 1994, Korea

- 런던 예술 대학(UAL), Painting 석사 

- 홍익대학교 미술대학 판화과 학사

- MFA in Painting, University of Arts London, UK

- BFA in Printmaking, Hongik University, Korea



공간의 기억, 프린트 베이커리 나인원 한남점, 서울, 한국


Pieces of Everyday life, 폴스타아트 갤러리, 서울, 한국 


About Everyday lives, 성남문화재단 청년예술 창작소, 성남, 한국 


Trivial things, yoonion art space, 서울, 한국



Little pleasure, Jagoie Gallery, 교토, 일본

소니아의 테이블, 핸들위드케어, 서울, 한국

월간 서인, 서인갤러리, 서울, 한국

써 내려간 글, 갤러리 인, 서울, 한국

귀여운 애 옆에 귀여운 애, 서인갤러리, 서울, 한국 

2와 3의 공간, 서인갤러리, 서울, 한국

집의 일기, Q Archive, 서울, 한국

시시한 사물들 속의 위안, 신촌문화관, 서울, 한국


소품락희, 갤러리조은, 서울, 한국

선물전, NTL Gallery, 서울, 한국

ART BUY, 현대백화점 목동점, 서울, 한국

그림보는 사람 모집합니다, 서인갤러리, 서울, 한국 

더 현대 x 케이옥션, 더 현대, 서울, 한국 

당신의 {  } 시간, Anomal Studio, 서울, 한국 

Summer Interlude, The Untitled Cafe, 서울, 한국 

Tas x HEE JOH LEE 콜라보, Tas museo, 성남, 한국 

일상 ; 휴, 하나갤러리, 수원, 한국 

Artist x Icon, 디자인 하우스, 서울, 한국

Good Afternoon, NTL Gallery, 서울, 한국

우크라이나 기부전, 디쿤스트 갤러리, 서울, 한국


Side by side, 스타필드 고양 센트럴 아트리움, 고양, 한국


소품락희, 조은 갤러리, 서울, 한국


GIFC & VELVET ROPES, House of vans, 런던, 영국

Wimbledon MA summer show, Wimbledon college of arts, 런던, 영국

Dreams, The Biscuit Factory, 런던, 영국

Squeezed, The Nunnery gallery, 런던, 영국 

Laid-Back, The Biscuit Factory, 런던, 영국 

ARTOPIA, Yunus Emre Institute, 런던, 영국 


아시아프, DDP, 서울, 한국



포커스 런던, 사치갤러리, 런던, 영국

부산국제화랑아트페어, 벡스코, 부산, 한국


서울아트쇼, 코엑스, 서울, 한국

앙코르! 더 프리뷰, 예술의 전당, 서울, 한국

브리즈 아트페어, 예술의 전당, 서울, 한국

아트페어 대구,  EXCO, 대구, 한국

울산국제아트페어, 울산전시컨벤션센터, 울산, 한국

아시아호텔 아트페어, 파크하얏트 부산, 부산, 한국

조형 아트페어, 코엑스, 서울, 한국

코리아아트쇼, 수원컨벤션센터, 수원, 한국

Solo Exibitions


Memory of Space, PBG Hannam, Seoul, Korea


Pieces of Everyday Life, Polestar Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea


About Every Lives, SN Art Studio, Seongnam, Korea


Trivial Things, Yoonion Art Space, Seongnam, Korea

Group Exibitions


Little Pleasure, Jagoike Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

Monthly Suhin, Suhin Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Sonia’s Tablescape, Handle with Care, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Written Text, Gallery inn, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

The space between 2 and 3, Suhin Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Home diary, Q Archive, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Consolation in the everyday things, Sinchon Cultural Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


Annual winter Group show, Gallery Joeun, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Recruiting People to See Painting, Suhin Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

TAS x HEE JOH LEE, TAS, Seongnam, Republic of Korea 

Daily Life; Rest, Hana Gallery, Suwon, Republic of Korea 

Artist x Icon, Design House, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Good Afternoon, NTL Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Slava Ukraine, Dkunst, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


Side by Side, Starfield Goyang, Goyang, Republic of Korea 


Annual Winter Group Show, Gallery Joeun, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


GIFC & VELVET ROPES, House of Vans, London, United Kingdom 

Dreams, Biscuit Factory, London, United Kingdom 

Squeezed, Nunnery Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Art Fair


FOCUS LONDON, Saatchi Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Asia Now, Monnaie de Paris, Paris, France

Focus Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Breeze Art Fair, Nodeul Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

The collection Art fair and exhibition, Hyundai Department store, Ulsan, Republic of Korea 

Galleries Art Fair, COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Busan Annual Market of Art, Busan, Republic of Korea 


Seoul Art show, COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Encore! The Preview, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Breeze Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Art Fair Daegu, EXCO, Daegu, Republic of Korea 

UIAF, UEXO, Ulsan, Republic of Korea 

PLAS Art Show, COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Korea Art Show, Suwon Convention Center, Suwon, Republic of Korea